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About Sarah

Sarah has written for The Decameron (Netflix), American Princess (Lifetime), Super Deluxe, and infinity UCB shows. She wrote and directed the short film The Clothing Swap, which was featured at the Dances With Films festival in 2020.

She starred in L.A. Beer, the first multi-cam sitcom made for the web, and has been featured in American Princess and Six Degrees of Everything (truTV), and videos for Comedy Central, Funny or Die, Buzzfeed, and Super Deluxe. On stage, she has performed improv on UCB house teams and hosted SYNC OR SWIM, a hit comedy lip sync competition.

Sarah is from Connecticut (mostly) and attended the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Cinema Studies. She trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, The Groundlings, Lesly Kahn & Co., Killian's Commercial Workshop, Ben Axelrad's Pilot Writing Seminar, and more. 

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